Local Native Plants

banksia serrata | widflowers | correa and more...

A wide variety of beautiful native plants and trees grows here. The magnificent Banksia serrata, easily identified by its gnarled truck and limbs, sawtooth leaves and large bottle brush flowers, is unique to this part of Tasmania, and as a result is a protected species. Mighty gums tower above the paperbark tea-trees along the edges of the dark tannin stained water of the creek. Sedge, grasses and ferns form the understorey.

The area abounds in wildflowers with patches of colour all year round. Tiny orchids reward those who take the time to look, and many even pop up in back yards.

Grass trees shoot up their amazing flowering spikes, and put on a striking display especially after a bush fire. Christmas bells, which are so named because they usually appear around December, provide bright splashes of red and gold.

Along the beach the local pigface, native grasses, correas and coastal wattle (which is known locally as boobialla) hold the sand dunes together. Even though Marram Grass is an introduced species, it also helps in the important job of preventing erosion.


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