Rocky Cape National Park


Tang Dim Mer – A Rich Heritage

Tang Dim Mer is one of the Aboriginal names for this area. The human history of Rocky Cape begins many thousands of years ago – before Tasmania was separated from the mainland. Those who first came to occupy the southernmost parts of Australia over 35,000 years ago would have traversed these hills. Vast caves of middens reveal the accumulated materials of 8,000 years of continuous occupation of the area.

Although it’s a small park, Rocky Cape offers visitors a wide variety of coastal experiences, from small sheltered beaches to Banksia-dotted hillsides with sweeping views out over Bass Strait. Here you can also learn about Aboriginal life on the north-west coast when caves were first occupied about 8,000 years ago.

Swimming, fishing, boating and bushwalking are popular activities. The park offers a fascinating variety of walks, ranging from less than 20 minutes to a full day. These take in Aboriginal rock shelters and caves, scenic hills full of wildflowers and birds, and tranquil beaches, bays and rocky headlands.



Short Term Parks Passes

plus a detailed map of the many beautiful walks and other information are available at the Sisters Beach General Store or from Parks & Wildlife

Annual or two year passes are the best value for locals or regular visitors. These are available from Service Tasmania at Wynyard or Burnie or from PWS. You can now purchase Parks Passes, maps and a host of other items from the Parks & Wildlife Online Shop


National Park Walking Tracks