Local Native Wildlife


Sisters Beach and the surrounding National Park have an amazing amount of birdlife. One hundred and twenty-five different species of bird have been identified and recorded here, including ten of the twelve bird species endemic to Tasmania.

The Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos make their presence known with loud squawks as they fly in, sometimes in large flocks. They look for food in the native banksias and grasstrees, and even in the cones of the old Radiata pines which were planted by the early settlers of Sisters Beach.

The majestic White-breasted Sea Eagle regularly soars across the bay. Quiet, colourful little honey-eaters are often seen. Eight of the ten Tasmanian species of honey-eaters have been recorded.


Common native animals include the Ringtail, Brushtail & Pygmy Possums, Bennett’s & Rufous Wallabies, Tasmanian Devil, Echidna, Southern Brown and Eastern-barred Bandicoots, Spotted Quoll (tiger cat), Blue-tongue Lizard, various skinks, snakes, and frogs.  All Australian native animals are protected.

The unfenced road winding into Sisters Beach is used by many native animals. To reduce the chance of hitting animals drive slowly at night and during dusk and dawn. This is when animals are more likely to be on the move.