Minutes of SBCA Meeting held June 6th 2019 at Pear Tree Café

Annual General Meeting

Minutes of Meeting held June 6th 2019 at Pear Tree Café

Attendees:  Gareth Gunn, Rose Vera, Michelle Mundy, Ken Loughran, Mark Loughran, Kim Walsh, Stuart Gula, Celina Laing, Carol Dunstan, Darren Fairbrother, Stan Turner, Daniella Jensen, Mick Groom, Cyrill Smith, Ben Saward, Ben Saward.

Apologies:  Lynn Hutchison, Judy Taylor, Jay McGough, Andrea Hastings

Election of Office Bearers

After conclusion of nomination process a secret ballot was conducted, Office Bearer positions filled were:

President – Jono Vincent
Vice President – Stuart Gula
Secretary – Mark Loughran
Treasurer – Ben Saward

Discussion was had about electing additional members  to form an Executive Committee (“Executive”).  A decision to be made as to whether it will consist of 5 or 7 people (including office bearers).

It is noted with thanks that Rose Vera and Mick Groom expressed interest as additional committee members.

It was agreed that the next SBCA meeting will be held on 8th August 2019. Frequency of future meetings suggested to be held every 2 months.  The general committee will meet monthly.

Further attempts will be made to source a copy of the SBCA Constitution and this will be posted on the SBCA website.

Meeting Commenced at 6:40pm

Minutes of the previous minutes were passed as true and correct.

Treasurer Report

Ben Saward confirmed currently $3,383 in bank, financials and annual return to be lodged in July and tabled at next meeting.

General Business

1.      Australia Day Event 2020

Noted that current 3-year grant period for Aus Day event had expired.  Ben Saward to obtain application from WWC and apply for further funding.

2.      Coastal Erosion / Walkways

Timeline for completion of this project is unclear.  Darren Fairbrother said he would quiz the WWC general manager as to source of delay, if its crown land dept, then we should write a letter to the minister responsible or Joan Rylah.

3.      Open Space/Handstand/Hall

The WWC budget for 19/20 has included money for a feasibility study for a hall and upgrades for the hard stand.  Hopefully we can establish a working group with the WWC to progress concept plans.  Darren Fairbrother emphasized that it is up to the community to come up with what they want and present to WWC as they won’t drive the project otherwise. He also mentioned that land owned by WWC would be the easiest option v’s crown land.

4.      Freedom Camping

Darren Fairbrother made it clear that if the community doesn’t support then it won’t be pushed by the WCC.  If the majority of the community is in support, they should come up with a model of a suitable location and how it needs to be managed.

5.      Display/Communications Cabinet

Brought up that this was built by SBCA some time ago and needs old material removed and put to good use with current items of interest, ideas welcome.

6.      Roadkill/Litter

Discussion on how to prevent people from littering and slowing down to prevent road kill.  Whether new signage is required and potentially reduced speed limits, ideas welcome.

7.      Beach Volleyball Equipment

As discussed at last meeting SBCA looking to buy before summer including storage box, quotes sourced at around $600 + storage TBC, decided that SBCA has funds available however will source a grant if one is available.

Meeting closed at 8.40pm