Waratah/Wynyard Council Meeting - Nov

Tonight’s Council Meeting may be worth checking out for those interested in our beach access/walkways and the creek area.

Councillor Darren Fairbrother has put a Question and Motion on Notice in tonight’s Council Meeting Agenda (see snippets below or download full agenda)


That council be provided with an update on the plan of action and priority actions that have occurred in response to the motion passed at the September meeting to reinstate and repair coastal areas and please state anticipated timelines etc

OFFICER RESPONSE Sisters Beach A recent meeting was held with community reps, Parks & Wildlife personnel, Coastal Engineers (Water Tech), Councillors and Council staff to discuss the current state and impacts of dune erosion. Council officers now have an understanding of scope with which to seek prices from the market for restoration of the more severely affected accesses as they existed prior to the king tide events. The accesses with lesser damage can be repaired and opened for use. A report with market pricing will be provided to Council along with the requirement to amend the 2018/19 budget depending upon which, if any, of the more severely affected accesses Council wishes to restore.


That Council by the end of this week provide safe beach access through the area of the removed pine trees adjacent to the car park / public toilets at Sisters Beach and remove barricades at the same time that are preventing pedestrian access to the beach area and make the area presentable in readiness for summer use by the community.

BACKGROUND The area in question has recently been subject to a community working bee that has alleviated and addressed areas that were perceived to be and was a safety risk. The motion is intended to direct the General Manager to use the resources of Council to make the area safe and to reinstate access for the community.

OFFICERS RESPONSE Prior to the work outlined occurring, Council would need to gain Crown approval for the work. This will make it difficult to achieve the timeframe as requested in the motion.

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