Sisters Beach Community Association - November 2018 Minutes

Hi everybody,

The brief minutes from the November SBCA meeting are now below. You can also find the meeting notes provided by council relating to key meetings held with stakeholders.  Due to ongoing council correspondence and a busy December for all, the next SBCA meeting will be in early 2019 and incorporate the AGM.  

We wish to thank Maureen Bradley for her valuable service on the WWC over several years and the great support to the Sisters Beach Community. 

Lastly, on behalf of the SBCA, have yourselves a happy and safe festive season.
— Cheers, Jono and Ben


SBCA Meeting Minutes

Thu 1/11/18 – 6.30pm

Pear Tree Café, Sisters Beach



Daniel Brown, Rose Verd, Stuart Gula, Mick Groom, Kim Lovell, Ruth Lovell, Peter Kooistra, Catherine Barnett, Brett Wilson, Simon Cooney, Darren Fairbrother, Jay McGough, Ange McKenna, Alan Loughran, Ken Loughran, Mark Loughran, Chet Wiseman, Judy Brown, Peter Brown, Cyril Smith, Ben Saward, Jono Vincent


Topic Discussed:

  • Coastal erosion and beach walkways (tabled council summary of recent stakeholder meeting 23.10.18 - attached)

    • Resident raised need to define what exactly the Walkways are used for (i.e. emergency access, fire escapes, general and visitor beach access, emergency services etc)

    • Most agreed that all 10 nodes on the Western side of the creek should be repaired / maintained irrespective of cost, those with low cost repairs to be done immediately

    • Resident raised that some of the eroded sand dunes may be prone to collapse and dangerous to children


    • Crown land services intend to audit each property in H1-19 and work with owners on dune management

    • Write to council to about walkways plans

  • Creek improvements and regulatory obstacles

    • After recent works done by a group of locals concerned about safety, council have shown some interest in pushing forward with ongoing maintenance

    • On site meeting was held between council and residents to progress a plan for the area (refer to attached meeting notes), main obstacle being who has responsibility for the crown land


    • Continue dialogue with council and ensure pathways reinstated by summer (some works completed late Nov18)

  • Hardstand Improvements

    • Concern still over the surface not being satisfactory with water pooling

    • Discussion around need for netting / potential for tennis net and storage shed

    • Desire to incorporate skating facility in area

    • Still no basketball hoop


    • Continue dialogue with council

    • Explore options for netting and additional facilities

    • Form a group for skaters to table ideas for equipment

  • Freedom Camping

    • WWC minutes indicate the potential for council setup freedom camping at Sisters Beach

    • General feeling at meeting was apprehension if not planned and resourced properly and need for council to consult with community at every stage

  • Community Hall

    • Mick Groom exploring facility options (old hall) and developing a committee to look at long term plan

  • Roadside Slashing

    • Concerns raised about overgrowth on sides of road, entry and potential blind spots posing fire and traffic risk, plus looking generally untidy 

  • Australia Day at the Creek

    • Confirmation council grant of $2k obtained for event

    • Ideas, support, help on the day urgently required to enable event to be held in Jan19

Meeting closed at 8.15pm.

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