Helpers needed for the 'Where, Where, Wedgie' survey?

Eyes to the Skies - Friday 25th, Sat 26th and Sun 27th May.

We are registered for the Sisters Beach square for the 3 days of the survey.

Check out the map and lets coordinate a team effort! Get a group ready for a walk over the hills or to anniversary bay OR just look up to the skies from your back yard.

The first NatureTrackers project is to monitor Tasmania’s diurnal birds of prey, with a focus on wedge-tailed eagles, but also covering white cockatoos and corellas.

Could there be fewer than 1000 Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagles in the world? Help find out.

The last formal estimates of wedge-tailed eagle population size - at fewer than 1000 birds - were many years ago, and based on inference from quite limited information. Since then, there have been lots of efforts to reduce the impact of human activities on these birds, but we don’t know if they’re working.

Check out the website, where they explain what the survey involves and provide resources for you to gain or build on your bird identification skills.

Email or post your sightings on the Sisters Beach facebook group if you are interested in reporting for the Sisters Beach square.