Sisters Beach Community Association Meeting - August Minutes

A meeting of the SBCA was held on 9th August at 6pm

Attendees were Celisa Edwards, Geoff Blackburn, Simon Cooney, Maureen Bradley, Lynn Hutchison, Stuart Hill, Mason Hill, Jono Vincent, Ben Saward, Cyril Smith, Mick Groom, Chet Wiseman, Matt Stubbs, Rose

Mason concerned young sisters beacher

Mason concerned young sisters beacher

The main discussion was around a letter that was sent to the Waratah Wynyard Council General Manager recently. The letter contained questions on a number of topics. Chet had a signed petition to present to council. The petition read something like: it's time something was done about the state of our creek. It was decided that the petition should be present to WW Council at their next meeting.

We also looked at photos of the beach front and discussed the effects had on it by recent high tides and rough weather. The meeting went until 7 30 PM. with some staying on for further talk over a beverage Thanks again to Zara and Cyrill for Hosting us at the Pear Tree Cafe. 

The letter and Council responses and SBCA discussion on it can be read here as well as a letter from department of primary industries water parks and environment , also photos.

Letter from Parks and Wildlife

Letter to Wynyard Waratah Council with response

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