Devil Roadkill - Virtual Fencing & Roadkill App - we need your help.

Community members have identified an area (approx. 2.5kms) between Banksia Park and Lake Llewellyn as a hot spot for Devil Road kill.

The SBCA have recently applied for funding for some Virtual Fence Devices through the Federal Governments Communities Environment Program.

Virtual Fencing is an active electronic protection system that alerts animals  before  crossing the road when a vehicle is approaching  between dusk to dawn. 

It is proven to be extremely effective in preventing wildlife-vehicle collisions in Australia and around the world.

If we are not successful in gaining funding in this grant, we will keep applying for other grants.

During our discussions with the scientists from the Save the Devil (STD) program, they have asked that our community please start to use the Roadkill Tasmania app.

The app is being trialled to identify roadkill hotspots, with the data collected used to implement targeted mitigation measures, such as virtual fences, at these hotspots.

If our grant is successful and we get these Virtual Fence Devices, the data collected by the Roadkill Tasmania App will help the STD scientists learn more about the effectiveness of the Virtual Fencing. This could lead to more fences being rolled out throughout our devil state. And more devils could be saved.

Please - download the app and try to report as much roadkill as you can (especially devils, quolls, echindas). You can pull over and report on the spot (the app will use GPS to plot your location) or you can wait until later and just use the map to find the spot where you saw the road kill. You can also upload a photo if you can.

We'll post on here when we hear how we go with our grant EOI.

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